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1. Understanding the Special Procedures

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to this learning module! Over the next 3 chapters we will explore one of the key mechanisms of the UN: the Special Procedures.

Chapter 1 provides a basic introduction to the Special Procedures and why they may be useful to your advocacy.

Chapter 2 provides more context on the creation of Special Procedures.

Chapter 3 focuses on opportunities and strategies to engage – building your advocacy skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you should:

  • Understand the structure, purpose and mandate of the Special Procedure
  • Understand why it is (or is not) useful to engage with Special Procedures
  • Know the opportunities for civil society to engage with the Special Procedures, and be able to employ strategies for effective engagement, including without travelling to Geneva
  • Have identified ways to influence your own government using the Special Procedures

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Module content