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1. Civil society engagement with the UN

1.4 Scenario! – Accessing the UN

Bring together what you've learnt about when you do or don't need ECOSOC accreditation, and see how it works in a real life situation.

Read the scenario, and answer the multiple choice questions:

Luisa, a human rights defender from Guatemala, wants to make an oral statement at the Human Rights Council during its regular session. Her organisation does not have ECOSOC accreditation, but she works closely with an international NGO based in Geneva that does. She has obtained funding to travel to Geneva to deliver the statement.

While in Geneva, Luisa hopes to meet with States to lobby them to make a statement about the human rights situation in Guatemala. She also wants to raise the issues with different Special Procedures. Luisa has heard that there will be side events about Guatemala during the Council session, but they will take place after she has returned to Guatemala.

Download the scenario here.

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In the next chapter "Preparing for Geneva" we will tackle the practical logistics to cover ahead of your visit.

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