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1. Civil society engagement with the UN

1.3 Accessing the Special Procedures

This section looks at opportunities to engage with the Special Procedures and identifies when you need ECOSOC accreditation, and what you can do without it.

Illustration of the Special Procedures

Submitting information

To submit information to the Special Procedures for country visits, thematic reports or communications, you do not need ECOSOC accreditation.

Meeting experts

To meet with Special Procedures mandate holders or the OHCHR staff working with the mandate holder, you do not need ECOSOC accreditation.

Top Tips

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Meeting Special Procedures

  • If you are seeking a meeting in Geneva, you will need to email the mandate holders to organise the meeting, and they will ensure that you are able to access the UN building for the meeting.

  • To find up-to-date email addresses for the Special Procedures you wish to meet, you can check their recent press releases as the direct email addresses of the OHCHR staff working with the mandate holder is usually mentioned at the end of the text – try to use one that isn’t a joint press release to avoid confusing with staff working with other mandates.

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