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2. The Human Rights Council as a political space

2.8 Quiz! – The Human Rights Council as a political space

Check how well you can use these tools! Using the following databases and searching online, answer the questions below:

  • Rights Docs Database Database of all resolutions adopted by the Human Rights Council, as well as information on core group (‘main sponsors’ of resolutions), co-sponsors, and State voting records.

  • Voluntary Pledges and Commitments - by country (OHCHR website) To find the pledges made by your country, go to the page on the OHCHR website related to your country, and look for ‘Voluntary Pledges and Commitments’.

  • UPR-Info database Database of the recommendations made or received by all States during each review cycle of the UPR, as well as information on whether the recommendation was accepted.

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In the next chapter we will explore the different opportunities to engage with the Council to best deliver the objectives you have.

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