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Digital Security

Digital security is an essential element of every human rights defender’s security plan. You can find information and tips on how to increase your digital security here:

  • 1. Remember that the biggest firewall is YOU! Digital Security is practiced in every choice you make during your day. Develop good DIGISEC habits and keep them up to reduce risks as much as possible.
  • 2. When creating passwords, use strong passphrases and maintain unique passwords. Use a password manager if possible, we recommend Bitwarden.
  • 3. Download and enable a free account with VPN (Proton) on your computer(s) and your phone.
  • 4. Use secure channels of communications like Signal for your phone.
  • 5. Always update anti-virus protection on your phone and your personal computer.
  • 6. When in public spaces, be mindful of your surroundings (i.e. who can see your screen), and never leave any devices unattended.
  • 7. Enable 2-factor authentication for all communication accounts.
  • 8. For Step-by-step advice on the steps you can take to improve your digital security, consult Tactical Technology Collective and Front Line Defenders - Security-in-a-Box.